The Dorabella Code - Anonymous code

Date : A. –That addition to a writing which specifies the time the writing was made. B. −  (By extension) Time when an event occurred or will occur. C. −  an affair (1885), then a romantic rendez-vous from the 1890's.

Traditionally the date is put at the top right corner of a letter.

Signature : A. − The act of signing. B. − Inscription of his name 

Traditionally the signature is put at the bottom right corner of a letter.

While the second hand was turning endlessly, the minute hand moved for the thirtieth time since she started to stare at it. She had arrived at the train station a few minutes after ten o'clock, and the clock was now showing 32 minutes past 10. She gave him fifteen minutes, no more. She wanted to weep and she breathed deeply to keep her self-control. That was over . All this had been a waking dream, or should we call it a nightmare. The outcome of her imagination and her fantasies. She saw a walking postman, that made her smile. How many letters would have the same effect on their addressee than the letter she had received two months ago? Her mother called her:
"My sweet Dora, Edward left a note for you in the thank you letter we received from Alice".


The Dorabella Code - Introduction


July 1897, 23 years, Miss Dora Penny receives an enciphered message from Edward Elgar. Elgar will become famous a few years later, and he is today considered as the greatest English composer.
Following Elgars's death in 1934, Dorabella publishes the memories of her dearest friend.

At the end of the book, in appendix, Dora Powell published the famous letter, explaining she never managed to deciphered it.


For more than 60 years this message has never been deciphered, and urban legend says it is one of the test to enter to the MI6, the Secret Service of Her Majesty.

I will bring you one century ago to discover what Dorabella should have deciphered...or what she really deciphered....